Omar Rizwan

Micropolis/SimCity Classic Mac download and build guide

I’ve made some minor changes to Micropolis, the open-source release of the original SimCity, so that it compiles and runs on Macs (or, at least, on my 10.8 Mac). You can download my build and try it, as long as you have XQuartz.

All the other ways to play this game are kind of dumb (until now, the best method for a Mac user to play was to run the Windows version).


Download my pre-built!

Building and installing Micropolis yourself should be pretty straightforward: clone the repository, get the requirements (Gtk+, pygtk, pygobject, cairo, pycairo, X11), and run make (and/or make install).

There are Gtk+ and Tcl/Tk front ends (along with half a dozen increasingly sketchy other ones); you can run them from MicropolisCore/src/run-gtkfrontend and micropolis-activity/Micropolis, respectively.

You can also run make app-bundle to generate a self-contained .app for the Tcl/Tk front end (my personal favorite).